The Lumi & Lark story

Calgary Home Organizers

We all want, and deserve a serene, stress-free home - but it’s not easy to achieve. We’re busy with work, we have kids on the go, and lives that get filled up with stuff. And when our homes start to get more unorganized, we become overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start. Lumi & Lark is here to help you refresh, transform and revitalize your home. From assessment and sorting to tossing and maintenance, we restore peace to your space and your lives.


Founder & Calgary Home Organizer

Laura Mastin

Laura loves to organize. And as much as she loves to see a beautiful organized room, she loves the way it makes her feel - and the way it makes her clients feel.  As a former elementary school teacher, Laura spent an incredible amount of time immersed in all the prep and organization it takes to create smooth successful lessons. In a busy room full of kids, systems and organization were vital to kids learning.

But Laura’s love for organization extends even further back. In fact, as a kid she would organize her sister’s room for fun and for the fulfillment of the loss of clutter and disorder. She’s been an organizer since birth - and now finally feels totally at home with her work at Lumi & Lark.

Laura knows how a clean, orderly environment can be uplifting for mood and a game changer for productivity. She is ready to get hands on with clients so that they too can feel at home again.

The Lumi & Lark method

Step 1


At our free consult, you can tell me all about the space or spaces that need to be organized. If we meet virtually, you can give me a tour of the space or room we’re going to organize, and tell me who uses the room and how it functions now.  You can tell me about your personal aesthetic and share any challenges or ideas you have about your home. I am here to listen, support and always work with confidentiality in mind.


Step 2


A few days after consultation I will send over an estimate, vision for the space, client agreement and times I have available for booking. At this point, you can move forward or we can chat about additional needs or revise the plan.


Step 3

Let's Organize

The day is here, and now we can start transforming your home!  I will come to your home and deliver on the agreed upon plan. We start by purging. To be efficient, its best you do a once over of your items - and then we can do another purge together.


Step 4

Store & Systemize

Once we’ve lightened your load, it’s time to create a truly harmonious space by putting everything in proper storage. I try to repurpose baskets and bins that are already in the home - and also source amazing containers that will function well in the space. I’m happy recommend solutions if you’d like to purchase on your own.


Step 5


Like a lot of things, home organization requires some work when it comes to maintenance. As part of our agreement, I’ll walk you through how to use the systems, how to make it work for your family, and how to stay organized without a personal organizer living under your roof. As an added bonus, I offer an hour of ‘check in’ where we can chat about how the systems are working for you.

What our happy clients have to say.

Working with Laura is a treat.  She is very fast and efficient and I love her idea of fun baskets for storage and sorting. She also is very mindful of reducing, reusing and recycling. She makes life easier. I would highly recommend her.

-Wendy, Calgary

I always considered myself an organized person and thought Laura could help 'tidy things up a little' - but apparently I needed much more help than I thought! Her ability to help me cull items that I really didn't need and put my needed items into an attractive and intuitive organization system was awesome. I now actually love opening my cupboards and drawers. Laura is also lovely to work with and a joy to have in your home!

-Katherine, Calgary

When I looked at this organization project it felt very overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start. Laura came in with a plan, was very confident, and got straight to work. She was professional and considerate of my family’s needs with her final organization scheme.

-Alex, Vancouver

I am thrilled with the organization of my storage room and laundry room. Laura had so many great ideas, worked quickly and made my spaces so much more functional. She took care of everything and I am loving the end result.

-Nicole, Calgary