Spring Home Organization Tips

Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter and get rid of unused items from throughout your home. Here are some easy ways to get your spring cleaning/ decluttering done with ease.

Spring cleaning and decluttering your home:

1) Purging:

Decluttering is always step one. You can't properly organize unless you get rid of what you are no longer using.  Seasons change is the best time for this. Be honest with your self and get rid of items you haven't used in the last 90 days.. Chances are you won't use them again. Broken items tossed, other items can be donated or consigned.


2) Swapping out items:

Putting heavy coats and sweaters away will free up so much space for your lighter items that will now be in use.  It will allow the space to feel lighter and fresh.

3) Storage

Where do you put these bulky items though?  Having proper storage here is key. If you have a storage room, use clear bins properly labeled.  This allows for items to be easily accessed when needed again. Storage baskets that can fit under the bed or a vacuum sealed bag to reduce the space that they will take up.

4) Grab and Go:

Having a grab and go bin near the door for sunscreen, bugs spray, dog leashes, keys etc will make your mornings seamless and not forgetting the essentials.

Get Ready to feel lighter!

I promise you, you'll feel lighter and more energized for the new season ahead. Getting rid of the extra clutter and having easy access to items needed is the key to a happy more efficient home.


As always, I offer free consultations and I am happy to help with any part of the process you need!


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Author: Laura Mastin


March 13, 2024

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